shopping: hand painted python

I stumbled across this wonderful Etsy shop of handmade and hand painted leather accessories that specializes in python designs, linmade, and, after a few months of deliberation, recently had a bit of a field day.

Welcome to my alley.

Here are the pieces I picked out, which will have to have proper showings once they arrive. I’ve been wanting an oversized envelope-style clutch for a while, and found a couple of pleasing candidates, this simple fold-over design being one.


The primary goal was finding a clean shape with interesting—preferably organic—texture and, above all, a stunning color.* Love this dark, muted teal.

*A few weeks later I completed the quest in a second and completely different way, which will also show you soon.

The second bag I got was a small zippered pouch. This lavender-tinged brown/white/turquoise combination is irresistible to me. Though there are a lot of other nice ones in the shop, the other color combos didn’t stand a chance.


I was going to stop at this but the shop owner, Lina, responded so nicely to a query about shipping (she is based in Indonesia) that I decided to get one of her makeup pouches, fairly squat and wide, and just the capacious-yet-structured style I like for a makeup bag.


And a belt…because actually I’ve been looking for a python belt like this for months now!


Here are a few other items that caught my eye, to give you a better sense of the shop and the great use of color she has:








(ultra gorgeous)


Awesome, no?

images from Etsy shop linmade

sublime packaging from Saipua soaps

I was completely won over by this soap packaging from the brand Saipua, stumbled upon in good, a charming boutique in Beacon Hill.


I love vetiver anyway, and I am a staunch believer in fine bar soaps (I don’t own any liquid hand soap, in fact). Saipua makes olive oil based castile soaps, a family business out of Brooklyn with the mother and father making the soaps and the daughter designing the packaging.


This soap dish is everything I want it to be, too. I picked this up as a gift but I’ll be going back for my own.


The packaging for each scent is different, each with it’s own charm. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before but I’m into tarot (I’m into all manner of endlessly elaborate symbolic systems), and if I weren’t already sold on the vetiver I would have been by this Marseille deck inspired wrapper.

IMG_3093This is the Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative edition of the Rider Waite Tarot, if anybody’s wondering.

A favorite deck of mine for the muted color palette.


(vendor image)

Here is the other that caught my eye. Always love a good Alice reference.

This is how good packaging is done.