powder blu

Zoya’s Blu nail polish is just what I hoped it would be, a pale powder blue with the barest hint of lavender, opaque in two coats.

zoya blu nail polish

You know how you can be drawn to shades of polish you wouldn’t really consider in any other wearable life category? Not that I’m virulently against powder blue but I don’t own anything else in this shade, hardly anything that could be considered pastel at all, and that’s not a coincidence.

zoya blu nail polish

Michael Kors open arrow ring, other rings…

In the land of nail polish, though, suddenly an entire different set of criteria seems to be at work. The touch of lavender makes the blue pop against my olive skin, the pale, opaque color pops on the hand as white would, but in a softer, more intriguing manner than straight white. I’m not certain why this doesn’t convert me to the shade all around…but it doesn’t. Though maybe it should?

Nails, like shoes, are a style zone of their own, with bold colors and patterns not at all unusual, even arguably boring, now, with a demand for more and more creative designs to catch the eye of the machine of cultural interest. I appreciate this, though I wish this trend would spread to more and more categories. Which it is, I think, spreading…but, you know, I wish it were faster.

zoya blu nail polish

Vintage beaded clutch

Full marks to this shade for being pigmented enough (not too close to white) to pair well with every white accessory ever.



distraction: so fancy

Evidently I’m the last person to hear this song, but that doesn’t make it any less worth sharing.

A beautifully executed homage to one of the most beloved movies of our generation (these costumes are spot on! Remember the Wildfox clothing line inspired by Clueless?), and a catchy earworm of a track in its own right. It’s been stuck in my head (in a good way) for a solid 24 hours, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I’m digging these dance moves, too.

My approval makes sense, of course. After all, I’ve been known to get a little fancy now and then.

image via pinterest