on the menu: breakfast, short and sweet


I don’t mind a ready-made cinnamon bun now and then, perhaps because I grew up having them on Christmas and other special occasions (other holidays featuring elaborate breakfasts, overnight guests, etc.)? One cannot always be rolling out pastry dough. This one is from Trader Joe’s.


Plate and mug from Jars ceramics, stunning glazes from this brand.

Lately I make this kind of pseudo-latte with a base of coffee and about 1/3 c of melted vanilla ice cream poured over the top, drizzled with caramel. [Then I drizzle anything else that seems promising with caramel as well.] Sometimes I’ll add a dash of Monin Hazelnut syrup, if I’ve woken up with a sweet tooth and am feeling really decadent.

on the menu: other things you can do with brioche


Bostock. A heretofore unknown [to me] recipe from eastern France. Brioche slathered with almond cream [fragipane], sprinkled with sliced almonds and baked. Good.


Raisin snails. Brioche dough spread with pastry cream and whiskey-soaked, flambéed raisins, all rolled up. Don’t these look like something you would purchase in a pastry shop? I used a rolling pin, which is when you know stuff is getting serious.

Both from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours.