belt it


I like a herringbone pattern, especially in charcoal.  I got another faux fur collar as I wanted some contrast here (and generally find it difficult to resist white things).





oxblood suede (♥!)

Yes, my coat has perfectly functional buttons, and I do like that boxy boyfriend look achieved by simply buttoning it as well as the casual look of not buttoning it at all, but why not add a belt? You know? Just why not?

I’ve been randomly adding a belt here and there where no belt is needed, and it opens whole new world of possibility. Many of my favorite uses of the belt are entirely cosmetic. I am coming around to investing in a really excellent belt (in any style, but with something a bit special about it), which belt can then carry the day, regardless of what it is in fact belting. I’ve observed that a nice dress with a supbar (cheap, plain, ragged, uninspired, etc.) belt yields a supbar effect, while a subpar dress with a luxe belt yields a luxe effect. I think the conclusion here is obvious.

Did I already talk about this? This feels familiar…but perhaps it was only in my mind. Perhaps I am building on the initial idea to invest in a belt and going on to say that I would then wear that belt in all manner of unconventional contexts. Belting a coat that has no need of a belt (or which already has a belt!), belting a scarf, belting a sweater or anything bulky, having a belt slung at the hips independent of any assigned loops, wearing multiple belts.  Much like the artful placement of a superfluous zipper (or like jewelry, which realm of decor a pointless belt approaches), a purely aesthetic belt can immediately up the style factor, especially one that is well chosen. Indeed, the more out of place it is, the better it will function as a feature of interest. It can also up the femininity factor, the waist being a definitive part of the female silhouette, and the highlighting or exaggeration of the waist a much-considered matter in the fashion and beauty industries (not to mention all of the feminist and body issues bound up in it and the zones above and below it by association, i.e. ratios). The waist is powerful, and so is the belt.


Alorna herringbone coat (thrifted), faux fur collar (eBay), bon chon gloves, Old Navy sweater, Express leggings (I was skeptical about these at first but I think if I wear them and stare at them a bit more I’m going to like them), Cole Haan pumps, Michael Kors belt (thrifted). On the lips: MAC RiRiWoo. Oh, and here are the textured gold sphere earrings I was waiting for. They are heavy but they will do.


 RiRiWoo (♥!) Like I said, the color is stunning, ultra saturated and ultra matte. 



dream home details: oxblood tufted leather sofa

Where I live now does not feel like home. I don’t know when someplace I’ve lived ever has, except perhaps as a very small child. I have never, for example, felt homesick. Each place is a necessary yet temporary storage space I work with but do not have possession of, and do not make my own. Or some combination of cannot and will not make my own.

I have an idea of home, though. Of my home, which I partially define as a place I have chosen, toward which I feel belonging, which belonging is a function of being free to mold it as my own. My environment can have a powerful effect on me, and I like the process of imagining how best to take advantage of that. It is also an extension of my style and myself, so rendering my preferences endlessly interesting and significant to me. Worth jotting down, worth devoting pinterest boards to. You know.

I have the feeling that, as with so many things, and hearing the gripes of homeowners, the imagining here might be the best part. So! Better enjoy it while I may.

In years of browsing I’ve considered many thousands of details but fear not, today I will share with you just one. It is a high priority item in my who-knows-how-distant-future: an oxblood tufted leather sofa.

I don’t imagine I would come by one cheaply, so the current vision is of an essentially bare living area, my entire furniture budget having been spent on a single item. I rather like the austere opulence of that, though. Austere opulence is a good phrase for the style I gravitate toward, home-wise.

I mean, and oxblood tufted leather sofa and hardwood floors. High ceilings. Good light. Some wine glasses. Voilà. Home.

Something like this:




I like a lot of what is going on here, actually.

Are you seeing it?