trick or…candy corn

 Fashion contains the potential for renewal and transformation. 

The more costumes one has, the more fantasy personas one can adopt. 

                                        – Edith Gould


Action shot.

Halloween is such a great idea.

This would be the wig that caused the current wig surplus. I like it so much, unexpectedly. I’m going to try to work with it in a non-costume context.


Storm is so badass. And she features my favorite colors: black, white, gold. I cobbled this look together from a few interpretations, taking any elements I liked. One had these incredible earrings on…


3″ long lightning bolts. Got them on eBay, this vendor had many options for color and finish, and even larger sizes. These I will be wearing again. The medallion belt I’ve had for a while and should obviously wear more, though I think not with this catsuit. This catsuit is the worst.

What makes the costume especially straightforward: this kind of stony, don’t-make-me-come-over-there look is the kind of face I make all the time, anyway.


So I spent 20 minutes trying to put in white-out contacts while my eyelids/lashes heroically (so they thought) batted them out, which contacts impair vision (so you can imagine that got easier as I went along), only to discover that they weren’t very noticeable in photos (all of the ones I tried with them were no good). They just looked like glaucoma. I’ll never see that $15 again. Instead I have shoddily painted my eyeballs white for bonus festivity. Happy Halloweeeeen…


Imagine the wig with an otherwise completely normal outfit? That’s happening later.

I know they are just sugar but I love candy corn.