Spectacle island

Last week I took a day trip to one of the Boston Harbor Islands with my sister (who has a cooking blog with lots of excellent recipes). Finally a little bit of a beach.

Supposedly called spectacle island because it is shaped like a pair of spectacles. Which it is not.

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Cormorants drying their waterlogged wings, bees on butterfly weed, those lovely rustic anti-erosion fences that always look the same from one dune to another, winding through the tall beach grass, a wild turkey with a very dim sense of self-preservation, tides converging at a nearly perpendicular angle, the view of the city across the water, sitting in the sand in my bathing suit






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bikini of the day: the bold bandeau

IMG_4642This is the suit I was wearing in the bandeau/pencil skirt post. This design is by the Finnish brand Marimekko via Anthropologie (thrifted). I am often drawn to bold, rustic stripes in varied widths like the pattern featured here. I find them somehow more approachable than a bold, bright solid, more eye-catching, too; a pattern that invites attentiveness, gives you something to look at. Leave it to the Scandinavians. Also really like brown mixed with pastels. This is reminding me how I want some of those beautiful little Scandinavian-inspired bowls in Anthropologie – the size and style of a small Japanese rice bowl (and in fact made in Japan, evidently. I don’t know why but – usefulness entirely aside, though I do find them useful – I just love dainty porcelain bowls like this), with many different patterns to mix and match. I feel an urge to acquire a random selection that is not unlike what I experienced with the eggcups

This was another instant, effortless, yes-this-is-the-one kind of acquisition, I think largely because of this brilliant color combination + ratio of light tones to dark tones situation.

Doesn’t it seem like one might wear a turban with this suit?

[More on turbans soon…I got some fabric.]

I like hiphugger style bottoms, too. The silhouette they give seems pleasantly sleek and sporty to me, like you ought to be playing beach volleyball (which is probably true), or wearing them with a tank top in one of those Olympic runner get-ups. Sleek is a prominent keyword in my style, I would say. Or, at least, I want it to be.

Hm. I want to go swimming.