the floral A-line

Remember how rose-heavy floral prints on black backgrounds started popping up everywhere after Dior featured them several seasons ago? Three years or so later I’ve finally found a piece I like in this scuba A-line skirt from Warehouse.

Warehouse floral print

I’ve grumbled about floral prints before, how difficult it is for me to find a print of the desired scale and busyness, how often they tip into the realm of the distracting and garish. There is no one formula for me, either, as with so many things. Everything has to be assessed case by case. Those prints I do like, though, tend to offer a soft, pleasing wash of gently variegated color.

Warehouse floral print

This hazy, digital floral print I like for a skirt of this volume (meaning I think I would not like the print as well writ small, as shoes or a clutch, or a tank top, say), a classic, fairly full A-line meant to be worn high at the natural waist. Love where this length hits; a bit below the knee, just revealing the base of the calf. A retro length with a modern print makes for nice contrast.

Schutz Kutia pumps

These are new. We are loving these. Not unlike the Aquazurra ones we love, which is no coincidence.

Schutz Kutia pumps

This color!

pearls, hamsa necklace, Givenchy fuchsia irresitible lipstick

Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation, Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder, NARS blush in Luminoso, Guerlain Terracotta bronzer, Givenchy Fuchsia Irresistible lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury Veruschka eyeliner, MAC false lash effect mascara, MAC brow set. Could argue that a peachy nude lipstick matching the pumps would have been fitting or even superior here.

Givenchy Fuschia Irresistible

This limited edition lipstick packaging was compelling, I won’t deny. This color is a cult classic, for good reason. 

Warehouse skirt (via ASOS), Schutz Kutia pumps, thrifted black silk tank, Pearl Paradise pearl 8mm studs. This little turquoise hamsa necklace I am loving (eBay). There are tons of variations with different stones, if you search (the best all seem to be from Israel). They are good luck, traditionally, though I mainly wanted something small and turquoise on a slender gold chain. I won’t say no to any luck that may accrue to me, however.


Nanette Lepore: just one dress

I caught sight of this one dress from the Nanette Lepore Spring 2015 collection and was curious to see the rest. As it sometimes happens, I wasn’t interested in the collection as a whole at all, a colorful, bohemian, vacation-inspired array of caftans and tent dresses. Upon closer inspection, I really only like the one dress.

This always baffles me a little. How can it be! How is this (clearly the best piece, because I like it best) not the heart of the collection? [Those fools!]

[It can be difficult to live with egomania, you see.]

But, fine. It’s more a piece of luck that I liked anything at all (always a piece of luck, to really like something). So I don’t like this designer much overall, and will direct my attentions elsewhere. I still love the dress.


The close row of buttons, the Bardot neckline, the diaphanous (and therefore the weight of the fabric) sleeves and skirt, the precise length of the sleeves and skirt, the blousy fit of the torso, the size and spacing of the Breton-style stripes, that they are horizontal, the clean black and white palette… A romantic, elevated shirtdress.

I just like everything about this. More of this, please, Nanette.

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