on the street: friends with style

When I see two people out (women, men, one of each, whatever) and I want to take a picture of one of them, I often want to take a picture of the other, too. Style travels in pairs.


IMG_6257I actually ran to get ahead of these women to capture them, I liked their looks so much. In one you get a clear snapshot of beautifully executed individual style, and in the other a pitch-perfect interpretation of current trends. Both looks are great, but put them side by side and call them friends and I say they get even better.

I’m reminded of these two women from the spring, who I keep thinking back to as perfect examples how great it can be when you simply combine whatever you want, whatever you love.

IMG_2857The effect is, in part, that they look like they enjoy getting dressed. If this effect can be achieved, no matter what someone is wearing, no matter what other effects might be in play, I can usually enjoy the result, too.

on the street: mixed prints


First, let’s acknowledge that pigtails…pigbuns? are, on the oversized head of a little human girlchild, the pinnacle of cuteness.

Now, let’s applaud the practice of wearing what you want. When the elements of an outfit seem to come together in defiance of style norms because individuality has trumped [or completely obliterated] the prevailing trends, this seems to sound a clear note of the personality.

Children dressing themselves often display this kind of fashion independence but I find it charming at all ages. I want to remember to follow whimsical impulses more and to ask myself, “Is this what I want to be wearing?”

It’s true that I wouldn’t wear this outfit…but that isn’t the point. The point is, she would.