skincare: brazil nut oil


Brazil nut oil smells so incredible, like cocoa butter and vanilla and roasted hazelnuts rolled into one. This one from c. Booth smells great if you like gourmand scents and smelling vaguely edible. As it is a dry oil it doesn’t linger on the skin or stain clothing (at least, I haven’t noticed it staining anything, though it does have some dye in it). This Brazilian Nut spray is discontinued, I gather (I found it randomly discounted), but they make a Tahitian Monoi one I fully intend to try after this, and a Honey Almond one that sounds good, too. The spray bottle is convenient for getting the middle of my back, and generally seems to speed things up.

I’m always using oils in the winter (all year round, really, but with especial faithfulness in the winter, and on my face as well), which is great for both conditioning and protecting the skin. I often find their effects more lasting than a standard moisturizer, and I often find them to be less expensive, too. That is, inexpensive oils condition better, to me, than inexpensive moisturizers. I apply oil immediately after showering, when the skin is still damp, and (especially in the case of sweet almond oil, another favorite, or any non-dry oil) give it a moment to be absorbed before putting clothes on*. I’ll often add a bit of a pleasant smelling oil (often a more expensive blend) to an inexpensive base oil (say, avocado, coconut, olive, or sweet almond) to luxe it up, and extend the life of the former.

*I really only run into problems with oil transferring onto my clothes when I have tried to put too much on (more than the skin can take), or am wearing light, fussy fabrics. In the latter case I am simply more careful, or will moisturize with something else.

The Body Shop also does a Brazil Nut Oil, which isn’t a dry oil but smells great, too, and I find the texture of their oils to be light and pleasant.