maybe….this: bicycle

I want a bike.

Not just any bike, either, a light, breezy road bike with a Dutch silhouette and coloring that personally appeals.

Something like the Globe Daily series…







You get the idea, low, swooping crossbar, or whatever that bar is called (yeah…possibly I need to learn more about bikes), prominent splash-guards, chain guard, clean lines, and some appealing color options.

I like the step-through design, too, as I’m not that confident a rider, at least not in the city, which is why I haven’t considered getting one before now. That and helmets, which are, for the naturally curly, the enemy. I’d like to be more mobile, though, and a bike (aside from the sobering Boston bike injury and mortality statistics…) sounds like an ideal option.

[Not to mention they are such ideal props for bicycle-chic outfits! I am already inspired, and I’m categorizing this post under fashion > accessories.]

I’m thinking…a pale green or blue, possibly cream. Love those white tires, too. Hmmm. I think the pale blue with the white tires is my favorite…

Conveniently I have plenty of time to mull this over, as the cost is something I’d have to save up to meet and make calculations to even consider, and I need to build my bike fund. Still, something like this is just what I am looking for.