The Seventh Sphinx is a platform to share whatever we like, and we like so many things.

Here we believe in truth and light, in perfume and lipstick, in reading and ginger and toast. We believe in grooming and dancewear, in Indian food, peonies, cream blush, highlighter, white shirts, and love. We believe in scallion pancakes and freedom and excellent craftsmanship, in accuracy and hats and strangeness and attention to detail. We believe in 80’s music and in pearls, in patience and champagne.

We believe in individuality, and we believe in style.


Other stuff, too.

Why the seventh sphinx? The sphinx is a fierce, wondrous creature of mystery, one we’ve always found compelling and identified with. The phrase came to us one day many years ago and sounded so right. We are one sphinx among many. Also we are part lioness.

Contact: theseventhsphinx(at)gmail(dot)com