on the eyes: rusty red via Estée Lauder Stay-on Shadow Paint


Right now I am all about burgundies, sepias, rusty reds and burnt oranges, particularly on my eyes (this is going to come up again soon, I suspect more than once). I have the support of basic color theory, too; red enhances green. A true, balanced red or anything on the pink spectrum can be difficult to work with*, but I think rusty colors like this would suit a lot of eye colors and skin tones. This is the color Cosmic, a great ruddy brown. More visible glitter than I was expecting–as a warning–but still lovely.

I’m still trying to find a gorgeous, true sepia. I don’t see many examples of this kind of shade from any brand (though NARS has a new one–Persia– that might do, but $$), especially not in a cream formula. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

*This difficulty is not insurmountable, though, and I don’t think rules [i.e. don’t wear red on the eyes, don’t mix brown with black (I love brown with black)] are particularly helpful in the context of style. In the words of a wise friend, “I do what I want.” [At least, when it is in my power.]