buttoned up

I have to thank CPL* for sending me a photo worth emulating, and more interesting still for being in line with my style (I had all of the ingredients to reproduce it on hand) yet unlike anything I’ve worn before. Expanding horizons.

*Her blog, geek outsider, is located at the junction of race and geekery. Very cool.


It’s impressive to me what a difference it makes to do up those top buttons. Loosen the hair and undo the buttons and you have another aesthetic altogether.

I like the simplicity/severity of the clean collar, the white against the black. It seems like you rarely see a clean buttoned shirt like this, so prevalent are bib-style necklaces (and ties). The absence of decoration is almost more distracting than if I had added a detail at the throat.

The lipstick you may remember from my recent lipstick ramble. Oh! I’ve just realized that glasses would have been fitting here.


Love the clean geometry of the cuffs peeking out. I am won over by such small details.

IMG_8756J Crew buttoned shirt (thrifted), H&M cardigan, American Apparel skinny suede belt, AG jeans (thrifted, cropped), Jeffrey Campbell France strapped boots, Pearls of Joy 8-9mm studs. On the lips, MAC lipstick in Dubonnet.



the vintage spoon bracelet

I’m borrowing this bracelet from CPL for a while and liking it so much, I wear it all the time.

IMG_7446Antique silver spoons shaped into a circlet with a magnetic clasp.* I particularly like this art-deco wheat pattern. Articulated and quite heavy, it falls beautifully on the wrist. Weight is a boon to any draping cause.

*which magnet is no joke, and needs to be kept away from electronics and watches and such.

This piece is from Recycled Silverware by local artisan John Atkinson. [617-372-2817, jasilver1@yahoo.com]

You can find similar designs from a number of Etsy sellers. [keyword search ‘spoon bracelet magnetic clasp’] I have my eye on some of these. There are spoon rings, too, evidently, which have a nice massiveness to them. And doubtless other things. Forks**…wind chimes…

**I like that the distinction is maintained, whether it used to be a spoon or a fork, even though the business end has been sacrificed for the sake of decoration.