dress quest: the white maxi

I’ve been searching for a great white summer dress for decades now, it seems. Somehow it’s eluding me.

I’m imagining a drapey (a heavy silk-like cotton blend, imagine) white maxi dress with a casual Grecian look. Something like this, though this dress only looks the thing from the side, and upon investigation is no good.


Last year I picked up this ‘Goddess Maxi’  from Victoria’s Secret. No longer on their site but you can still find it around. It’s a bit too formal, though, to meet the criteria of the quest. The fabric itself is a little fussy, heavy and stretchy with a slight slickness, and the gathering detail in the front also feels fancy to me. Pretty, but not the one.


I considered their knife-pleat maxi, too,* but decided it’s better in color (I like the navy), and anyway it doesn’t come in white.

*I usually find Victoria’s Secret hopelessly tacky but once in a while I really like a piece of clothing, and I like their bikinis and their simple cotton underwear, too.


Anybody have a recommendation for me?

I could also happily turn in the direction of a 40s midi dress, I think.


If you see one like this, tell it I’d like to meet it.

images via pinterest

weekend distraction: the Mabel dress

Came across this dress on pinterest recently, the Mabel dress from Curator,  and it is everything I want it to be; loose, soft, luxe, simple, light. It shows what is to me just the right amount of skin in the cut around the arms and throat. And pockets! Love the jade color in the second image particularly.



Basics are notoriously hard to get right. Like a T-shirt or jeans, it’s difficult to find a dress that fits well and drapes well and genuinely suits one. This one is very near the top of my wishlist at the moment. This was my introduction to Curator, a small brand out of San Francisco created by two friends in 2001, and I’m going to investigate further on the strength of this piece.

images from curatorsf.com