playlist: if I were a cover band, vol. i

If I were a cover band, these songs would be somewhere in the line-up. I can actually sing these! Kind of! I can kind of sing! Sometimes!

A bit.

I can’t really play the guitar but I think I could, if I wanted to, and this seems nearly as good. I had a guitar but I sold it to buy something frivolous, I’m sure, a watch or something. I kind of want one again, now. Not to play for anyone else (though I suppose I wouldn’t mind if I grew competent, which somehow I doubt will be happening…), but just to fiddle around with myself, to learn something foreign in that haphazard way that seems often very healthy and good for my brain. I don’t really want to be witnessed doing things until the stage of moderate ability, though, so it’s quite difficult. Perhaps it is a lame excuse to say I don’t want to practice because I don’t want to give others cause to complain about the noise? [This is the trouble with a city: there are people just everywhere.]

… excuses, excuses. This is why my skills are so few.

1. HelloSaferide — I can’t believe it’s not love

2. Belle & Sebastian — Your Cover’s Blown

3. The Ravonettes — Last Dance (love this track)

4. Erasure — A Little Respect

5. Lady Gaga — Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

6. Kate Nash — We Get On

7. Hockey — Song Away

8. Hall and Oates — Out of Touch (one of the best 80s songs ever)

9. Shakira — No Creo

10. Rihanna — Take a Bow

11. Joan Jett — I Hate Myself for Loving You (one of my go-to karaoke songs…)

12. Indigo Girls — Closer to Fine

Maybe if I live somewhere remote one day, with no neighbors in earshot, I will have a dog and a guitar (and a truck, obviously), and sing my little heart out. I’ll get some Mongolian wind chimes, too. And a superb sound system. If you visit, we’ll play cards and drink bourbon, and I’ll sing you something.

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day one

IMG_0300Explicit resolutions have an oppressive air to me but I do like to have an active [mental] list of aspirations and I don’t mind the formal prompt to reflect on, tweak, and add to that list. These are the kinds issues constantly on my mind anyway but the formality of New Year’s Day, artificial a structure as it is, can provide the sensation of a new beginning, and at least the illusion of decisiveness.

There are so many ways I could be improved upon! Certainly many ways my life could be improved upon, energy and wisdom willing. We’ll see how it goes. So far I’ve pretty much just slept, which has been highly productive indeed. I may take a shower later. This year is looking better and better.

Happy New Year, readers. Good luck on your end.