acquisitions: antique jade & pearl ring

IMG_3187I was looking for a simple, slightly old fashioned pearl ring, a single pearl on a gold band (open to modest accents, or an ostentatious pearl) but  I am extremely particular and difficult to please, and I found this antique jade and pearl number first. A jade cabochon with delicate veining surrounded by round or near-round seed pearls, set in gold. This has such a wonderful heirloom feel to it, and is certainly worthy of being passed down. There’s something inspiring about wearing jewelry with a history, even if I don’t know what that history is.

I am wearing it here.

My appreciation of pearls has been established, but jade, too, appeals. Imagining it with a Victorian-inspired ensemble…will have to demonstrate at some point.

What do you think?

And, I was reasoning, I can just keep looking for that pearl ring I want…