on the menu: the berry parfait


Hurricane glasses have so much potential.

It only occurred to me later that this would have been so much prettier and easier to assemble if I’d whipped the Greek yoghurt with some coconut milk or something, or just used a less firm yoghurt. Ah well. Life lessons.


This is the same granola recipe I’ve mentioned previously.

The color scheme is fitting for the long weekend, but also berries are good for you. And delicious.


distraction: Diana Ross, at ease


This photo of Diana Ross, (eating a drumstick? In a satin gown and fur trimmed bolero? Looking fabulous, and strangely displaced-yet-not-out-of-place in this rundown background?) struck me instantly. The careless ease of of her, as if she were dressed quite differently. As if she would look equally natural—and by the same token equally compelling—given any background at all, no matter how bizarre (a library, a jungle, a turn of the century parlor, an alien planet).

To own what one wears to this degree – to dress carefully, yes, but after dressing carefully, to henceforth forget about or transcend the clothes entirely and live, we can all aspire to this.

image via pinterest