drinking: the classic martini


Stirred. Not shaken.

2 1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz dry vermouth

olives and lemon twist

dash Angostura bitters


Schott Zwiesel Comete Martini glass (on loan from vendor)


How great is this martini skewer? I was looking for ages for something clean and classic, stainless steel…had the hardest time finding anything elegant until I stumbled upon these, from the Etsy shop jacksmooth. Hand hammered, and at 5.5.” a really pleasing length. Got a set of 3 with a charming handwritten thank you note. I highly encourage you to patronize this shop.

on the menu: hummus + pimentón


Hummus is not at all difficult to make, it turns out. It is, though, so dense and filling. I portioned out what I thought would make a suitable fraction of dinner and it turned out to be far, far, too much. I ate it all anyway, to my later dismay, with too many multi-grain pita crackers.  Ah. I love crackers. Really basically all crackers.