bikini of the day: gold lamé python print

On July 2, 2013 by theseventhsphinx



What, really, is there to say?

It is a gold lamé python print bikini.

I concede that there is a garish element to this suit, objectively I understand this… but my reaction is pure approval. This is a bikini of extremes, to be worn in extreme heat and sun, with extreme accessories. A bikini for some stylized goddess of pythons. A bikini that can really stand up to summer. It is rather summer that might fail to be summery enough for this bikini. [I live in entirely the wrong latitude for this bikini.]

We have seen python before, and we are going to see it again.

Gold and white are some of my favorite colors, too. I turn toward them, move toward them, like a raccoon toward anything shiny, without fail.

The suit with the green leaves is I think my casual favorite…but this might be my outright favorite. Or I think favorite is not the right word, a favorite existing in this case within a certain context and mood. This is the most me. The result if I were to be traduced into a bikini. My spirit bikini.

(Yes, it was from Victoria’s Secret.)

white on white on white

On June 20, 2013 by theseventhsphinx


So…I got more than one wig. I knew I wanted an asymmetrical bob like this, and, though it looks dyed (that is, the color doesn’t look natural), it is actually not far off my hair color and is as such not too bizarre looking on me. At least, not if you don’t already know what I’m meant to look like. This was my second attempt at finding an asymmetrical bob style, the first being much darker and simply awful. [Not easy trying to select the style or the color of a wig online, and I can’t recommend it. The return policies are as unforgiving as you would imagine.]

What do you think? I really like it.

The difference is so transforming. I doubt I would even be recognized, or not right away. I love this about fashion and makeup and all the subcategories of style. You can achieve a look that nature wouldn’t allow, liberating you from yourself while (potentially) at once expanding your idea of self, multiplying the variations of self.


White, white, white. I can’t have too much white. And yes, we know how I like bikini tops (you’ll recognize this one from this bikini of the day), and white buttoned shirts.

This is my idea (rather, one of my ideas) of a great summer uniform. I have this theory that as long as my navel is obscured, it isn’t able to create that unforgiving halo around my stomach that it really does seem to.


Victoria’s Secret triangle top, Banana Republic button-up, Ray-Ban aviators, Paris Blues shorts, HairDo Angled Cut wig, vintage Timex watch.




weekend distraction: Splendid apparel tops and dresses

On June 16, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

I really like the loose, light look and draping of these Splendid tops and dresses. Ideal for summer, I suppose, but this is how I would like to dress throughout the year. The dresses gathered at the waist are excellent examples of that Grecian style I so love, a style that flatters so quietly, subtly, easy to throw on and no hindrance to the bearer. Great colors, too. I am thinking maybe if I am good I can get one…

[Images link to product vendor]




Or this in white, instead of black. Imagine with a motorcycle jacket?


Not sure about the gathering at the hems here but like the silhouette and the color.


This shirt is maybe my favorite…not cheap but such beautiful lines and draping, and exactly my kind of green.


bikini of the day: simplicity in black and white

On June 14, 2013 by theseventhsphinx


Here we have a white Victoria’s Secret Triangle Top paired with the simplest pair of black bikini bottoms from Calvin Klein. These bottoms are so basic as to look really like underwear, which definitely has its own appeal.

The triangle top is a somewhat flexible piece (so many adjustable parts, and the difference of a few square centimeters surprisingly significant, moving between sizes) and one that I particularly like. I can’t quite tell if it is because I think it is most flattering on me…or because I think it is the most abstractly flattering in my store of cultural images. Who cares? Bring them on in all patterns and colors. This is the silhouette most represented in my little swimsuit drawer area. The white top in particular goes with so many things, not only swimsuits but…anything, really. Very nearly anything. Usually I take out whatever padding is involved, if any, but I can like the look of it, too. Just another option.

There is something of classic American sportswear in this kind of look; sleek, pared down solids that fit and flatter. Ralph Lauren. Michael Kors. This is my favorite aspect of American designers. It creates, in the best circumstances, an understated elegance and quiet luxury that is in line with my own aesthetic, or maybe more accurately with the aesthetic to which I aspire.

on trend (me?!): white pumps

On May 3, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

If I ever like a trend, it is usually years later, when it is no longer current. No longer trending. And it is usually by chance, as I never knew about the trend in the first place, and only stumbled upon something I liked. Or I have already liked the trend for years.

Sometimes discovering that something is a trend makes me like it less (depends, sometimes I like it more), though I mostly don’t care, and like what I like when I like it.

This non-system is working extremely well, I think.

I surprised myself, then, this season, in not only knowing about and liking but wishing to participate in the wearing of white pumps. Pointy ones! Which I don’t even like, typically, a pointed toe. Probably the quest for heels glazed the already slippery slope, but, well. I got some.

I inject a modicum of individuality by having chosen a python print. PYTHON. Which I then kept! Meaning I tried them on and thought: YES. THESE. ARE THE ONES. Better and better.


Maiya pumps by Calvin Klein Jeans.


It is sometimes strange what I end up liking, still more strange what I end up wanting, and outright bizarre what I ultimately acquire. Try giving yourself free reign and just see what you buy. Is it what you expected? Evidence of a somewhat tacky streak is accumulating, running parallel to a brazen streak…I watch the patterns emerge with curiosity.

I truly did not see these coming.