the stocking cap

Not only is it cold enough for sweaters, it’s cold enough for hats and gloves and wool socks and the works.


Conventional wisdom says not to pair heavy eye makeup with a bold lip but hey, yolo. Do what you want. Conventional wisdom is often suspect.




This is NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Train Bleu, a really dark mulberry shade, with a little red Japonesque laquer in the center. Sort of the reverse of the black ombre lip I did the other day but friendlier as putting a pink/red shade in the center provides a natural transition to that inner portion of your lip that won’t take color.


I’ve been wanting to wear more eye makeup since Halloween, which was just so much makeup that anything else seems moderate in comparison. I was washing it off for days. Liner under the eyes I find so tricky, though. Not tricky to do, but tricky to like. It’s dramatic, sure, but also tends to emphasize circles under my eyes,* make me look especially pale, make me look older often? Tired? I wonder the extent to which it just reads as ‘she has a lot of makeup on’ rather than as ‘cool eyes’ or some more appealing effect. Not that I really have any control over that. [Ever notice how thinking hardly ever gets you anywhere?]

*I don’t like concealer under the eyes—it is too conspicuous up close, too tell-tale— and am basically never wearing it, so they just look however they look. They are eyes, in sockets, etc.

I guess you just have to go for it, like anything else, and take the bad with the good.


Kenneth Cole coat (thrifted), J Crew Italian brushed scarf (this is gigantic, really satisfyingly massive), Free People slouchy vegan leather tote, H&M beanie, Express jeans, TOMS desert suede wedges. Hm. Seems they don’t have this color anymore, shame. Their new booties are pretty cute, though. I need some booties! I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finding a suitable pair of ankle booties (something that goes a bit higher up the ankle than these do, which gives quite a different look. Quite, quite different, you know).


Zoning out.

Later let’s talk about how great it can be to wear too much blush.



acquisitions: TOMS chestnut suede desert wedges

TOMS chestnut suede desert wedges
TOMS chestnut suede desert wedges

It came to my attention some months ago that I didn’t own any heels.

I have owned them, or tried to, but have gotten rid of them or returned them or otherwise disowned them on grounds of discomfort. I will tolerate some difficulties in the face of style, but outright pain is not one of them.

I do like the silhouette they can give, though, and want the option, and do not dislike being taller. So: the quest was on.

These wedges from TOMS were the first success. I heard that they were extremely comfortable (from many sources) and: they are. Especially with added support for the balls of your feet.

TOMS chestnut suede desert wedges
TOMS chestnut suede desert wedges

Love this fawn color. The plaid interior was a surprise but I like that, too.

Can already imagine them in a number of looks…with a belted olive T-shirt dress, with baggy pants cinched at the ankle, with denim cutoffs and a white button-down…

Seeing it?