weekend distraction: it’s like a tiara for your bathroom

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Want to up the luxe factor in your daily ablutions?

Just add a chandelier.

[OK, one of these images shows sconces, but still. One doesn’t have a chandelier at all…but just imagine if it DID. See what I’m saying?]

Completely seriously, though. I want a bathroom with a chandelier.

But not, you know, a tacky one. And I would want the room to be otherwise austere.

I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, it seems, somehow…possibly on account of I am constantly grooming. So I think a lot about what I want for that space (a meditative and therapeutic space), now and in some dreamy future wherein I have more control over my space.

And I want almost everything, but not quite everything, to be white. Including the clawfoot tub, clearly.

Probably other rooms in my future abode could benefit from a chandelier as well. Something to consider…


weekend distraction: ikebana

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Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, is a great metaphor for personal style, I think. You take natural ingredients and mold them into the desired configuration with the help of scaffolding, highlighting and obscuring different elements as you go, seeking balance and harmony. The end result is a unique, purposeful silhouette, natural yet unnatural, tailored to the flowers themselves as well as the environment.

Also I find them a compelling use of space, when I like them.