a few favorite summer lip colors, vol. i: coral

In the name of summer, I made a mess on my arm for you.

Coral, whether of the orange or the pink subspecies, is a quintessential summer shade that looks good on so many skin tones. Just like there is a red for everyone, there is a coral for everyone (in contrast, there doesn’t necessarily seem to be an orange for everyone – or perhaps orange is more polarizing, and people are less open to finding that perfect orange). It can look quite natural sheered out. Then, too, with good opacity it can look awesomely unnatural.

It also goes so well with what are for me the other quintessential summer colors; white, gold, turquoise, cream…

The line between coral and red-orange/orange-red (which will be next) is blurred, so this selection is slightly arbitrary.



Kate Moss Matte Rimmel lipstick in 110, Korres Mango Butter lipstick in Coral (sheer), Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Coral Crush, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipstick in Shocking Coral.

These are showing a tiny bit too orange…better to look at a variety of swatches and sort of deduce the color. […best to see it in person] I have no ambition to be a great swatcher (so many blogs do it better than I ever will, with my attitude) but I often find comparisons like this useful.

The Korres Mango Butter lipstick is maybe my favorite here. It is sheer, similar to all of the tinted balm-type options every brand has come out with now, but smoother and more moisturizing than any of the other versions I’ve tried.

The Kate Moss lipsticks are such great value, and the pigmentation, particularly in the matte line, is solid.


the sheer lace top




I suspect that extended exposure to couture shows has lowered my reluctance to go without a bra. I’ve feeling quite the opposite about that, if the clothes dictate it and the weather permits (if it is not too hot). [I’ve already established belonging to the sisterhood of the flat-chested.]

I have sometimes liked the look of a black bra/underthing with a sheer top (at least on others) but it wasn’t what I was feeling for this look, not wanting to break the frame of the lace or muddy the lovely cream color. And why not show the natural beauty of the nipple and breast? It feels to me very modern and sleek and at the same time vulnerable. And ultra-feminine. Think Galliano, think Valentino.



Sheer lace shirt from Vero Moda, Dollhouse shoes*, Lark & Wolff pleated corduroy skirt (thrifted), pearl drops from The Pearl Outlet, 8 strand freshwater pearl bracelet (eBay), Skagen watch. On the nails, Color Club polish in Warhol Pink. On the lips, OCC lip tar in Black Dahlia.

*I got these heels when I was 18 or something. Only a babe and already making such impractical, ostentatious fashion purchases.