MAC Russian Red

A classic blue-toned, Madonna red, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this lipstick fail to suit. MAC Russian Red is a cult favorite for good reason, an excellent matte formula (many level the accusation that MAC mattes are drying, and this can be the case, but it has never been an issue for me with Russian Red) that works on any skin tone. It’s been on MAC’s bestseller list, and often at the top, since it launched in the 80s.

Ah, it’s from the 80s, no wonder I like it so well.

There are many reds I love (need a new post on favorite reds, I see), and many I love from MAC (again a topic deserving of its own post), but I return to Russian Red again and again.


hybrid catwoman

Halloween: license to do the kind of over-the-top stuff I want to do all the time.


The Michelle Pfeiffer/Tim Burton Catwoman was my starting point here. Sadly, my head was too big to fit in the badass mask I got, and the replacement badass mask is likely going to show up tomorrow. Of course. So there’s a little old-school Eartha Kitt Catwoman inspiration for the mask and ears. Not quite as creepy as the full mask, alas, but with its own charm.

This bodysuit is the costume staple that keeps on giving.


There really is something about a mask…


This whip is legit.


MAC Russian Red lipstick with a red Japonesque lip lacquer over top. Glossy finish a must.


These boots (Coach, thrifted) are not disappointing in any way.


There’s something so fantastic about Catwoman, I think, so crazy and unhinged, so easily distracted by shiny things, so sleek, so sensual, so stylish.

Happy Halloween.