hit ’em high

On April 7, 2014 by theseventhsphinx


I hit ’em high, hit ’em high, hit ’em high




These are incredibly comfortable jeans. Pseudo-jean legging things. I don’t uniformly love a high waist (not every time, not in every context), but I really like these. At one point I was going on about back pockets and proportions, and these pockets are, to me, a great size. (I also really like these jeans pocket-wise, the pockets of which are even more square). Larger back pockets, if anything, make my ass look bigger, more generous—as does a high waist—, which I like. Small back pockets do not make it look any smaller (no one is fooled by this ploy), which I don’t want anyway*, and they look immature and useless besides.

*I want it to look…not small. Like, a handful. I have no time for jeans that are not on board with this goal.



Express Stella high waist leggings, Eric Michael boots, Urban Outfitters plaid shirt, Banana Republic trench (thrifted), necklace via asos, J Crew belt, Mulberry bag (thrifted), Fossil watch. On the lips: Milani lipstick in Naturally Pink, much blotted and with Smith’s Rosebud Salve over top. On the cheeks: Michael Kors bronzer and Tom Ford blush in Love Lust, which will tell you about soon. It’s gorgeous, just a bit more muted/sophisticated than the (otherwise very similar) Japonesque blush I like so much.


I’ve been wearing my hair down more, too. Not as inconvenient as I was remembering. Hm. Don’t faces look totally different at 10′ vs 2′ away? The whole architecture of the face seems to change.



p.s. I’m giving away one of these Designsix ‘love’ necklaces this week. Just leave a comment below to enter! Open internationally, winner will be chosen randomly next Monday 4/14/14 at 10pm EST and informed through disqus. Good luck!

the sweatshirt dress, reprise

On March 3, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

IMG_1986Same dress, different weather.



This is the new Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious, the formula of which I quite like. I like this color, too, which is much brighter than it’s showing here, nearly neon, like the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids. Matte bright lips are one of those trends I’m enjoying.


Occasionally one gets honked at when taking pictures of oneself in the street. Occasionally pedestrians will want to use the sidewalk. 


Sloppy Joe dress from Hush, Zara scarf, Sorel boots, Mulberry bag (thrifted). 8mm studs from Pearl Paradise. For once I think the ivory overtones in these pearl studs are coming through.



Exhibit A

On January 22, 2014 by theseventhsphinx


Behold NARS Exhibit A, a vivid red blush with burnt sienna tones. The first time I saw this in person was a few years ago now and it was a total coup de foudre. Instant affinity. It’s scary in the pan but is to be applied in sheer layers with a light hand, to which task the NARS yachiyo brush (still loving it) is well suited. NARS is known for their uniformly beautiful blushes*. Excellent pigmentation, fine, high quality powders. I cannot imagine that I will ever use it all, so fractional is the amount needed. This is the blush that, for me, follows (more or less) the prescription to wear a color that matches the color you naturally blush. Goes wonderfully with red lipsticks, too.

*Their eyeshadows (and their eye primer) and certain of their lipsticks are supposed to be good, too, though I confess they do not tempt me, velvet matte lip pencils aside.

I am wearing this blush in the previous post and think it does look fairly realistic, especially as I am outside in the snow.


It does look like I’m wearing blush (though maybe it wouldn’t if I weren’t wearing lipstick…) but I don’t mind that effect (the conspicuously made-up effect) in moderate doses, or even in immodest doses, if the context is right. The existence and use of makeup is no secret.

plaid on plaid

On January 20, 2014 by theseventhsphinx



I have a theory that you could pair any two plaid patterns and it would work. It’s the kind of choice that could only be purposeful, that projects purposefulness. This kind of choice is immune to color disasters, I find, as my impression upon seeing a poor color pairing* is generally that the wearer was somehow blind to the combination, that it was not consciously done (or that their taste is entirely distinct from my own). I think you can wear anything and look put together, look good [or look at least like you think it looks good, which is an excellent beginning], if only you can make it look like you are wearing everything on purpose.**

*This is rare, though, I realize midway through the sentence. I think most colors can pair with a massive range of other colors, if not well than at least without jarring.

**That said, there is much to be said for a certain air of carelessness in dress.

IMG_0556Decided to go to town with the pearls.  Faux choker with genuine strand and studs. I have no qualms mixing authentic and costume jewelry. In this I follow in the estimable footsteps of Coco Chanel. There is only a 2mm difference between these two sizes but it looks like much more, doesn’t it? Here is some math explaining why 1mm differences have such a significant visual impact. Found this so interesting.


Zara scarf, Kenneth Cole coat (thrifted), plaid shirt (unlabeled, thrifted), Express leather-look leggings, Sorel Tofino boots, Pearl Paradise 8mm necklace, Pearls of Joy 10mm studs, Mulberry Roxanne bag (thrifted). On the lips: MAC RiRiWoo lipstick.




the bicycle

On November 14, 2013 by theseventhsphinx



After looking for a Dutch style step-through for a while I settled on this one, the Public C7i. It has a classic European aesthetic and features an internal hub on the rear wheel for smooth shifting and protection of the gears. Rides beautifully. The basket is a Nantucket oval basket with the plaque removed.


There’s something parisienne about this look; the stripes, the length of the skirt…I like this silhouette. Currently preoccupied with [looking for] skirts that hit somewhere between the calf and the sweet spot just below the knee.


Why not match one’s lipstick to one’s bike?

Navy linen skirt from asos, Arizona Jeans shirt (in my new favorite color), Steve Madden flats, Free Authority fedora (which is not practical, on a bike), Pearls of Joy 8-9mm studs. On the lips, Tom Ford lipstick in Cherry Lush.