on the street: hipster lite


Hipster, like feminist, is a term with many variations of meaning. I use it here with an emphasis on the incorporation of unconventional or ‘edgy’/conspicuous elements, the use of color and individual accents. I think a look like this shows how visible just dipping one’s toe in the hipster waters can be. Color, distinct glasses, hair just slightly shorter on the sides and longer on the top than the norm, tattoos. It’s relaxed, even unkempt here and there, but there is just enough of a sense of purposefulness to make it a bit interesting. And it’s not too interesting (not too styled, though that can be a cool look too)…just OK, nice, comfortable.

I like that balance of clothes looking put-together (not necessarily polished but chosen purposefully) as well as made for living in.

on the street: the skateboard



What a great accessory.

I am often baffled by the bizarre figures that are to be found on the undersides of skateboards…but can see how it looks vaguely cool, especially when it seems personalized or done by hand. Why waste an opportunity for decoration/expression?

[Although what this might be expressing I cannot begin to guess. And one might waste such an opportunity in favor of simplicity or structural purity…but still.]

It’s certainly colorful and distracting, which is the aspect I like.