a few favorite summer lip colors, vol. iii: glosses, sheers, paints

On June 26, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Let’s ignore that I changed my categorizing criterion from color to texture mid-series. I do what I want.


Origins Liquid Lipcolor in Juicy Details (w/ gold glitter), Lip Fusion gloss in Boca Babe, Estée Lauder The Lip Gloss in Coralée, Maybelline Color Whisper in Orange Attitude, Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti


Revlon Kissable Balmstain in Rendez-vous, Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Pomegranate, Sleek Pout Paint in Lava, OCC Lip Tar in Banjee

OK, quickly:

Hardly wear lipgloss but when I do wear it, I wear these ones. I keep thinking I ought to give them more of a chance. They have that summer ease and swipeability about them, and have the virtue of already being in my possession. I especially like the Origins one, sheer with a bit of gold shimmer. Others in this Origins line are beautifully pigmented. Thinking of the red one.

Isn’t that Estée Lauder gloss packaging beautiful? What? Oh. Tom Ford designed it. Genius.

It’s like learning that Joss Whedon script-doctored Speed (which he did).

I like Maybelline Color Whispers more than Revlon Lip Butters. There, I said it.

And I like Revlon Balmstains better than either of them.

The Sleek Pout Paint is intense and exactly the color I hoped it would be. Lava is actually a pretty accurately evocative name, hue-wise.

I picked up the OCC Lip Tar in Banjee to mix with red (so I could determine my own red-orange ratios) but it’s pretty stunning on its own, a vibrant orange marigold color. It would be a slightly editorial look, but what’s wrong with that? In the grocery store. At the liquor store. In line for hot chocolate. Baffling small children. Etc.

See also vol. i: coral, vol. ii: orange.

a few favorite summer lip colors, vol. i: coral

On June 21, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

In the name of summer, I made a mess on my arm for you.

Coral, whether of the orange or the pink subspecies, is a quintessential summer shade that looks good on so many skin tones. Just like there is a red for everyone, there is a coral for everyone (in contrast, there doesn’t necessarily seem to be an orange for everyone – or perhaps orange is more polarizing, and people are less open to finding that perfect orange). It can look quite natural sheered out. Then, too, with good opacity it can look awesomely unnatural.

It also goes so well with what are for me the other quintessential summer colors; white, gold, turquoise, cream…

The line between coral and red-orange/orange-red (which will be next) is blurred, so this selection is slightly arbitrary.



Kate Moss Matte Rimmel lipstick in 110, Korres Mango Butter lipstick in Coral (sheer), Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Coral Crush, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipstick in Shocking Coral.

These are showing a tiny bit too orange…better to look at a variety of swatches and sort of deduce the color. […best to see it in person] I have no ambition to be a great swatcher (so many blogs do it better than I ever will, with my attitude) but I often find comparisons like this useful.

The Korres Mango Butter lipstick is maybe my favorite here. It is sheer, similar to all of the tinted balm-type options every brand has come out with now, but smoother and more moisturizing than any of the other versions I’ve tried.

The Kate Moss lipsticks are such great value, and the pigmentation, particularly in the matte line, is solid.


into: hot pink…evidently

On June 12, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

I don’t think of myself as having a special affinity for pink but I seem to have kind of a lot of it. Where by pink I do not mean pink at all. I mean hot pink.


How do these things happen? Many of these items are by no means new, either. This is an old, slowly developing pattern that I am only just recognizing. A few items lined up in my field of vision and there was just no denying it: nothing out of control, nothing unhealthy, but a definite pattern. Well. What can I say? I am not against neon at all, in certain contexts. More certain contexts than I thought.

Some combination of always wanting to have been an 80’s aerobics instructor and Marc Jacobs, I guess.


And this is not even getting into coral. We still need to talk about coral. Just wait until you see the swimsuit I found, it is nearly blinding.

Roxie plaid bikini, unknown hoop earrings, Steve Madden P-Heaven flats, Color Club polish in Warhol Pink, Vivitar card reader, Korres lip butter glaze in Pomegranate, OCC lip tar in Anime, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral, Wet ‘n Wild MegaLast lipstick in Don’t Blink Pink, Loop NYC Audio Couture Boombox Bag


turquoise + stripes

On May 19, 2013 by theseventhsphinx






Striped dress from American Apparel, sash from American Apparel, TOMS suede wedges, Skagen watch, Pearl Paradise studs, Solange Azagury-Partridge ring, eBay faux pearl bracelet, eBay fox ring (do we not love this ring? We love this ring). On the lips: Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang. On the nails:  Sally Hansen Jaded.


It’s incredible how lopsided my lips and nostrils are. Even more incredible that I only notice in photos/video. Actually the entire right side of my face seems to have a slightly larger version of everything. This is standard, I know, nearly everyone has asymmetrical elements in their face and body. It is even a little disturbing when someone doesn’t, or when all of the asymmetry has been photoshopped away. Still. It looks so strange, this unmirrored version of myself. I don’t look like that.

Only of course, I do look like that. That is what I really look like. And to others I would look strange in a mirror, or possibly they wouldn’t notice either way.

I understand that I can fiddle with the lipstick to balance my lips out, but I honestly can’t even see it in the mirror, my face looks so familiar and normal to me. I keep trying to remember which side is which, which side is more rounded and which more flat on my top lip, but looking in the mirror I guess wrong about half the time. I suppose this is also a testament to my poor memory.

Start taking a bunch of pictures of yourself and you learn about all of these strange things you do with your face.


Here, for example, is this thing I do with my mouth evidently all of the time. I am forever making this kind of dubious face. And often lifting my already lopsided lip into a kind of sneerface. Not ideal, face. Not ideal.


[Side view. Sneerface omitted.]


And finally you see why I like this dress.


flowers and stripes

On April 26, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Finally a day nice enough to wear my new Bass oxfords. Yes, I got shoes with flowers on them. Yellow ones. I fear it is a slippery slope.


When it’s not slung over my shoulder messenger bag style, I often carry my bag in this strange, inefficient way, bunching up the short strap.

These leggings are a little tighter and a little more high-waisted than anything else I have…but I’m getting into that look. Or, I can get into it, with conditions.



This is the loose, haphazard bun I throw my hair into most days. This hairstyle has the excellent virtue of taking less than a minute to execute.


Oh, this watch is new. From the sleek Danish brand Skagen, known for their extremely thin movements. I love this simple, clean gold design (and a two-toned watch wherein both tones are gold is me all over). It’s settling in nicely.


Bass Thea oxfords, green envelope top, Topshop Baxter leggings, American Apparel braided belt (I have this belt in so many colors), Lucky Brand bag, Ray-Ban aviators, Skagen watch, Scotch & Soda leather wrap bracelet, vintage earrings. On the lips: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lipstick in Shocking Coral.