the graphic print

On August 21, 2016 by theseventhsphinx

I like a geometric print now and then. This jumbo polka dot maxi skirt caught my eye recently and I’m enjoying the boldness of the print.IMG_4771



Paired it with a simple white blouse and stacks of bracelets. A print like this is fun to pair with another print as well… a look I appreciate more than I feel compelled to wear myself. Loving the green mirrored Ray-Ban Clubmasters with these Pearls of Joy 12mm Tahitian Studs.


This is the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Anna Nicole I mentioned a while ago. A stunning summer orange with just the right level of red in it.


Nails are Essie Cute as a Button with the excellent Dazzle Dry basecoat and topcoat. Highly recommend Dazzle Dry, which was recommended to me by Wet Paint Nail Spa here in Cambridge.


Stay cool.


dress quest: the white maxi

On June 29, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

I’ve been searching for a great white summer dress for decades now, it seems. Somehow it’s eluding me.

I’m imagining a drapey (a heavy silk-like cotton blend, imagine) white maxi dress with a casual Grecian look. Something like this, though this dress only looks the thing from the side, and upon investigation is no good.


Last year I picked up this ‘Goddess Maxi’  from Victoria’s Secret. No longer on their site but you can still find it around. It’s a bit too formal, though, to meet the criteria of the quest. The fabric itself is a little fussy, heavy and stretchy with a slight slickness, and the gathering detail in the front also feels fancy to me. Pretty, but not the one.


I considered their knife-pleat maxi, too,* but decided it’s better in color (I like the navy), and anyway it doesn’t come in white.

*I usually find Victoria’s Secret hopelessly tacky but once in a while I really like a piece of clothing, and I like their bikinis and their simple cotton underwear, too.


Anybody have a recommendation for me?

I could also happily turn in the direction of a 40s midi dress, I think.


If you see one like this, tell it I’d like to meet it.

images via pinterest

the western buckle

On April 14, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

“Once he gave her a ring with a sphinx engraved on its stone.

‘What is it?’ she asked. ‘A sphinx?’

‘Yes,’ he answered, ‘and that sphinx is you.’

‘Is it really me? she asked and slowly raised her enigmatic gaze towards him. ‘Do you know that’s very flattering?’ she added with a slight smile, but her eyes still had that strange look.”

                                                        —Fathers and Sons, Ivan Turgenev


I picked up this belt buckle while browsing for cowboy boots at Helen’s Leather Shop in Beacon Hill. It’s embossed with a delicate floral pattern. I like the western atmosphere a large belt buckle bestows, and I often like to take turquoise with my oversized buckles. And when I wear turquoise I want to wear white…you see what’s happened here. Oh, here’s a pair of the cheap sunglasses I mentioned.


Love the shape of this skirt, long and high-waisted with a gentle fishtail effect.

I don’t mind at all mixing brown and black.* I don’t mind mixing the varying shades of turquoise here, either. Blue nearly always seems to look good with blue, no matter which shades.

*Honestly, I don’t have a black bag. Nor is a black bag anywhere near the top of my wishlist. This is one of those wardrobe ‘staples’ I simply cannot care about, and do not remotely miss. I take this as more evidence that I should keep on doing what I want.




 Linen skirt from ASOS, Ariat tooled leather belt, J Crew tee, Mulberry bag, Steve Madden P-Heaven flats, Skagen watch, pearl shell drops (eBay). On the lips: Bite Beauty Matte Crème lip crayon in Blood Orange (this color is electric in person, have been hearing such good things about this brand and am impressed so far). On the nails: Wet n wild I Need A Refresh-Mint.



weekend distraction: the Mabel dress

On March 29, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

Came across this dress on pinterest recently, the Mabel dress from Curator,  and it is everything I want it to be; loose, soft, luxe, simple, light. It shows what is to me just the right amount of skin in the cut around the arms and throat. And pockets! Love the jade color in the second image particularly.



Basics are notoriously hard to get right. Like a T-shirt or jeans, it’s difficult to find a dress that fits well and drapes well and genuinely suits one. This one is very near the top of my wishlist at the moment. This was my introduction to Curator, a small brand out of San Francisco created by two friends in 2001, and I’m going to investigate further on the strength of this piece.

images from

weekend distraction: asos

On January 19, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

Free shipping and free returns? Perpetual promotions? Solid customer service? Asos, you are a my kind of vendor.

I usually end up returning something from any given order but I usually end up keeping something, too. The quality of the asos brand stuff is hit or miss but they carry a lot of other brands as well (a number of European brands it is otherwise tough to acquire), and there always a sale on, and usually a promotion on top of that. I like this site for lingerie especially.

Today’s choices, I realize, are almost all for when winter is a distant memory…

It’s a little strange to shop for the distant future. It’s an exercise I enjoy, though. It encourages me to be aspirational in my style choices, and forces me to ask myself the very useful question “Am I going to like this in 4-6 months?” (answering which question is a more rigorous process than answering “Do I like this now?”). Usually I want to be able to say I will like something for many years (which may or may not be correct), though I will now and then yield to the whim of the hour (which may very well stand the test of time better than the more carefully chosen pieces).

Shopping is a tricky business.

Images (from asos) link to item pages

image1xxl (2)

fluid black maxi dress


white linen maxi skirt


paisley skater skirt (a bit of a wild card, this)

image1xxl (1)

jade shift dress with strap details (gorgeous color)


(back view)

image4xxl (1)

tuxedo pants (right?!)

We’ll see how it goes.