keeping it casual

On August 2, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

Liking these high waisted cut-offs for a casual summer look.



Oh, and I like hockey.

I grew up in a remote part of Maine and we only got reliable reception from the nearby New Brunswick towers, so for the most part I watched Canadian news, Canadian shows, Canadian sports. Still when I go back to Maine there is faithful watching of Hockey Night in Canada and much love for the inimitable Don Cherry.

There are a lot of American pop culture references I miss but I am pleased with my exposure. My favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs (not ‘Leaves’, I know, it kind of bothers me, too), but I can get behind the Bruins. I have one of their Stanley Cup tees, too, I realize, so my closet at least is showing a lot of Bruins support.


Another summer, another pair of Converse.

Shorts from Express, Chucks, Bruins tee, Mulberry bag, Spektre sunglasses, vintage Levi’s belt (I love this belt), Skagen watch, tumbaga earrings.


keshi pearls

On October 10, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Keshi means ‘poppy’ in Japanese, and refers to pearls grown with no nucleus. Though the term technically applies to many types of pearls, colloquially it is used for non-nucleated pearls that are irregularly shaped, often like flakes or amorphous blobs.

It’s difficult to find these to see in person but so worthwhile if you have a chance. The larger keshis can form cool, creature-like shapes (hippos, elephants), and the play of color in the nacre can be especially varied. I’ve borrowed some pieces from the Etsy shop Lilia’s Treasures, which features a great selection of funky designs using  non-traditional pearls. I’ll be featuring Lema’s pieces in a few posts, so keep an eye out for more pearls in the near future.

The first piece is a statement strand of enormous keshis, which will give you an idea of the incredible strangeness of these pearls.



They seem like splashes of molten rainbow.  As if they are not of our world.

I opted for a casual look but you can see how readily these would adapt to a formal context. Pearls have this flexibility, for me, that precious gemstones simply do not.



Here is a strand of keshi flakes, equally arresting.




High-waist denim leggings from Express*, Banana Republic shirt, vintage Levi’s belt, Zara pumps, antique spoon bracelet. Metallic turquoise eye liner (Urban Decay 24/7 liner in flipside), a bit scary from a distance.

*I’m not in the habit of buying pre-distressed clothing but, in the event that there is no sound, non-distressed equivalent (or not in my size), and I am happy with the fit (so rare), I will sometimes go for them.



This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Featured pearls are on loan from Lilia’s Treasures.

the sweater dress

On September 26, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

A person who sees only fashion in fashion is a fool.

                                    – Honoré de Balzac. 1799-1850

The color of this dress is, for me, the embodiment of autumn. It’s kind of a cross between olive and rust, looking quite different depending on the light. Earth tones, how do I love thee.

IMG_7297I am completely fixated on this kind of rust-sepia shade right now. This encompasses cognac and whiskey shades, too. Here, for example, is a Pixiwoo tutorial for a sepia eye look I’ve been keeping in the wings, wanting to try out.

It would be superfluous to outline the virtues of the sweater dress, right? Its appeal is universal and self-evident? I am also much enamored of its close cousin, the turtle-neck dress, which will become clear by and by. The crew neck keeps this one reading quite casual to me, though it’s so brief in the leg that it can never be as casual as its crew neck seems to promise. Unless I wear it as a normal sweater, which I will certainly do.


IMG_7320American Apparel knit sweater crew neck dress, vintage Levi’s belt (brown + black, yes), Zara heels*, Breil Milano watch, Pearls of Joy 10mm studs, brown-dyed freshwater pearl necklace (as bracelet) from eBay, vintage LuckyBrand bag.

*I came across a picture of the kitten-heeled version of these Zara pumps on a great Polish style blog. They are from several seasons ago, evidently, and I could only find the taller style available anywhere now, but I loved this look so much that I didn’t care. Advertisements wish they could be as effective as this photo. I wish I could take a photo like this. Look how nice this looks! So nice! Sooner or later I plan to wear them exactly like this. Imitation/flattery/etc.


The cutout edge and instep are what got me, I think. The pointed toe I don’t actually love, abstractly, but I’m succumbing to the trend of them a little here. Well, it happens. I will admit it. You see enough images of a trend styled well (that is, if it is not simply beyond saving – some trends will always be incomprehensible) and you start to come around, bit by bit.