the knee socks

What is not to love about knee socks? So sporty and unexpected. So sleek and practical.



I especially like them with short shorts (or, here, briefs), so they can highlight a maximal expanse of thigh. Of course they highlight the knee as well, that bizarre, oft-ignored component of anatomy, making them completely distinct in silhouette from their close cousin, the thigh-high. I slightly prefer the knee-high length, perhaps because my legs are not especially long (not short, not long) and there is a lengthening effect on the upper leg joint when it is isolated from hip to knee. That and I just like them. [And I’ve watched a few too many kpop videos.]


They keep your legs warm, too. Sadly still relevant here in Cambridge.


Old Navy sweatshirt, Commando cotton briefs, American Apparel knee socks. On the lips: MAC lip pencil in Brick and NARS Velvet Matte lipstick in Terre de Feu.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was on vacation in San Francisco the week before last and sick last week. Hope to get back on schedule soon!




waiting for rain


♪ ♫ Def Leppard – Hysteria ♪ ♫


I like the contrast of shorts and long sleeves together (and vice versa). Also the look of rather short shorts and knee socks.




No rain.

Turtleneck sans neck by J Crew, Paris Blues shorts, American Apparel knee socks, Kamik rain boots, Nautica umbrella. On the lips: Revlon Balmstain in Lovesick.