lessons from Penelope: shaving is optional

On July 12, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

My favorite shot from this post on underarm hair from Into The Gloss. Damn, girl. If I could grow underarm hair like that, I’d seriously consider it. No. I would do it. I definitely at least part of the time would.


weekend distraction: it’s like a tiara for your bathroom

On March 16, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

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Want to up the luxe factor in your daily ablutions?

Just add a chandelier.

[OK, one of these images shows sconces, but still. One doesn’t have a chandelier at all…but just imagine if it DID. See what I’m saying?]

Completely seriously, though. I want a bathroom with a chandelier.

But not, you know, a tacky one. And I would want the room to be otherwise austere.

I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, it seems, somehow…possibly on account of I am constantly grooming. So I think a lot about what I want for that space (a meditative and therapeutic space), now and in some dreamy future wherein I have more control over my space.

And I want almost everything, but not quite everything, to be white. Including the clawfoot tub, clearly.

Probably other rooms in my future abode could benefit from a chandelier as well. Something to consider…


history: grooming is my favorite pastime

On February 27, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Sure painting and drawing, sure knitting and crafts, sure cooking and organizing and shopping and eating, sure hanging out with friends and writing and photography, sure calligraphy and wine and Shakespeare and the 19th century novel…but what I really love? What I do whenever I get the chance? What I find maximally calming and therapeutic and satisfying? What I put hours of attention and effort into, and investigation, and all the money it takes?

Yasuyuki Tagaki, Untitled #10, Forest. 2011 (via artligue.fr)

Yasuyuki Tagaki, Untitled #10, Forest. 2011 (via artligue.fr)


I groom.

O how I groom. O the tools. O the unguents. O the potions. O the experimentation. O the time.

No centimeter of my body escapes care.

Like weeding a garden, editing a text (I find editing to be a fitting metaphor for much of my life), cultivating a path through the wilderness…

Yasuyuki Tagaki, Untitled #5, Forest. 2011 (via artligue.fr)

Yasuyuki Tagaki, Untitled #5, Forest. 2011 (via artligue.fr)


This means clipping and trimming, oiling and treating, masking and exfoliating, cleansing and brushing and smoothing and massaging and just…addressing in the most comprehensive way.

I liked what I heard someone say recently, if you had only one suit to wear for your whole life, imagine the care you would take with that suit. I like this way of thinking about the body, particularly the skin.