into: Erin Wasson for Free People

On March 15, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

I enjoy the boho chic Free People aesthetic. I think they do it well, maybe better than any other brand at the moment, and certainly they are consistent.

Their weakness is doing it a little too well; a few too many embellishments and tatters where a rustic simplicity (a garment that feels more authentically vintage and less stylized, which most of these do not) would serve better. This sometimes takes the charm away, I find. They’ve tried to make each item of clothing convey the whole concept (this is more than most garments can handle, I say, though I appreciate the vision) such that many feel ready-made, and so a bit devoid of personality. Like a box cake. Whereas I like bohemian looks best when they feel a bit weird and cobbled together, where any given piece of the ensemble would be, in isolation, relatively unremarkable, and it is the person who imposes a bohemian structure on the elements. [Actually, replace each instance of ‘bohemian’ in that last sentence with any aesthetic, and that’s what I like in the case of that aesthetic.] Some of the pieces are comically expensive, too, given the vibe.

That said, I like a number of their offerings (i.e. some of the simpler tops and dresses, their skinny leggings, and their boot selection), and I really like their most recent campaign [for the March 2014 catalogue] with model Erin Wasson.


I like her face so much, it’s an appealing combination of delicate, angular, and wholesome (this is maybe just the level brows and the round lips?), with the strange, compelling potential to look almost feral.











Long, loose dresses, sheer textures, cut-outs, lacing, and plenty of skin peeking through, stacked bracelets, leather, lace, and beading, BOOTS…I’m getting some good ideas here. Her messy-chic hair is great, too.

images via Free People (click link to see the whole campaign)

wishlist: these boots

On February 15, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

If you follow me on facebook or caught my links post a few weeks ago, you’ll know that a few weeks ago I was debating between two pairs of boots.

To recap (the visual contrast is critical here), this pair:


And this pair (though I gather there are quality issues with this design, and have since reconsidered):


As I was saying earlier, though, when I can’t decide between two items it is often a sign that neither of them is quite suitable, and that the search has only begun.

This point was brought definitively home the second I saw this pair from Free People (I like many of the boots they carry, incidentally), which has so soundly thrashed the former candidates that they are like so much  dust in the wind (though, admittedly, much less expensive dust). The rewards of patient browsing and an unwillingness to compromise.







vendor images

Such slouchy, distressed, buckled, riveted, quirky pseudo-spat perfection! I must have these boots, come what may. If they do not fit me properly, I believe I shall weep. If they sell out of my size before I can raise the funds, I do not know that there will be enough doughnuts to console me.

That is all.


monochrome: stone

On January 24, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

IMG_0696I like all sorts of taupe shades, and especially wearing them together. Throw some olive and chocolate in the mix and I have all of my favorite colors in one place.


These boots are still going strong in their second (or third? Why can’t I tell time?) year. 


The wind is not our friend.


Really liking these new corduroys, which have a nice skinny fit and large back pockets. I like large back pockets. They seem to make my bum look bigger and more generous, somehow, which I like. Friendlier? More approachable? I don’t know. Tiny, miserly (or even just small) back pockets look so unflattering to me (adolescent, too), and they are useless in the bargain.


Free People corduroys, Sorel Tofino boots, Jean Pierre cable sweater (via Marshall’s), Thinsulate gloves, Old Navy vest, Muk Luks hat, heart pendant from Etsy. The wooden earrings were a gift, long ago. Favorites. On the lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Esprit (mostly blotted off to give the tiniest hint of color). On the cheeks: Chanel cream blush in Fantastic, a beautiful deep berry color that looks entirely natural.

I am wearing so much more makeup than it looks like I am wearing here. [This Lisa Eldridge tutorial has the best advice regarding no makeup makeup I’ve seen thus far.] I see charm in both ends of the spectrum (the conspicuous as well as the inconspicuous makeup), as well as in the very reasonable act of actually wearing no makeup, which is closer to my usual approach.  Maybe a little something on my cheeks. Maybe mascara. Maybe. If I was in the right kind of mood that morning. The world of the blog is only fractionally indicative of life (and it is—for now—the world of photos, a world with slightly different laws and prescriptions). That said, a little bit can go a long way. I’m curious to experiment with wearing more both for the sake of testing products and to see…what it’s like. Just what is it like to be transparently made up on a semi-regular basis? What would it be like for me (other than time-consuming)? What can it do?

Anyhow, this kind of dark berry color is another winter blush I was craving, and I wanted this cream blush particularly, a relatively new and rightly much-lauded formula. Chanel’s beauty products are so, so nice. Not cheap, but not disappointing, either.




all about: the white shirt

On April 18, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

The new sunglasses and the new pumps together in this understated look, which is a great example of the simple, casual yet polished style I like so much. Bold, minimal accents with a clean base.


This is what I look like when I can’t tell if the camera is doing what I want it to do.


Oh, and this is what my hair looks like down. Sometimes.


 I love a loose white buttoned shirt in a good fabric. That or a white shirt without buttons that drapes as well as one with them. There is something quintessentially summery about them and, evidently, about me, as they are one item I can’t seem to get enough of. Like to wear  just slightly oversized masculine exemplars of this style, too. Always seem to end up rolling up the sleeves, no matter the fit.

Gap button-down, Free People jeans (thrifted – I wear these a lot), Cole Haan suede pumps (the shape of which I like so much), Spektre sunglasses, Kara Ross bracelet. On the lips: Revlon lipstick in Siren.



on the balcony

On April 16, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

One of the first truly nice days this year. Finally inspired to wear something not entirely unworthy of documentation.


Banana Republic tank, American Apparel bandeau (ruched front has a lumpy effect I realize from the photo…making a mental note), Free People jeans (thrifted), Black Rivet leather jacket, Spektre sunglasses (remember these?). On the lips: Revlon Kissable Balmstain in Lovesick.

Are you loving these sunglasses as much as I am?


Scent of the day: Bulgari Black. So perfect with a leather jacket. Smells like leather and hot tar – great on anyone, as far as my nose is concerned, especially in the summer.

Hope it’s nice where you are.