distraction: make way for goslings

On June 8, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

Yesterday, along with a busy intersection of South Boston traffic, I paused to watch this family of geese cross the street.


They used the crosswalk!


They trooped across unruffled even though there were (of course, it is Boston after all) a few irritated drivers honking at them, as technically it wasn’t their turn to walk. THEY CAN’T READ THE SIGN, GUYS.


They made it.



on the menu: Union Square Donuts

On April 5, 2014 by theseventhsphinx



Union Square Donuts, one of the best doughnut places around, recently started delivering. They deliver. Doughnuts! To me!


So, that happened.


Brown Butter Hazenut Crunch (!)


Maple Bacon (!)

These are excellent doughnuts, of the brioche-like rather than the cake-like breed. I like both styles…and tend to prefer whichever one I am at that moment putting into my mouth. These are massive, too.

The delivery guy was a chunk of sunshine (why wouldn’t he be, spreading joy all over?), and I think I may have failed to respond to a fist-bump invitation? But it could have been he was doing a kind of victory fist pump as if to say, “Doughnuts. Right on.”

Ah, doughnuts. I love doughnuts.

on the street: the tweed peplum jacket

On January 15, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

Can I just dress like Kerry Washington on Scandal, please? With a splash of dressing like Kerry Washington in life?

[Lyn Paolo, the Scandal stylist, is a bit of a genius. Interesting (well, you know, interesting to me. To people who are into closets and the things you put in closets) tour of the Scandal closet with Kerry Washington here.]

Can we all just?

Well, at least one of us can. The boots are not Olivia Pope*, admittedly, but the jacket is spot on.

*If you are not following this because you are not watching Scandal, you really should consider watching Scandal. It’s on Netflix! Just watch season 1, episode 6, OK?


I love me a bit of tweed. The peplum is a feminine touch here, and the mini cape overlay is just the kind of embellishment I like on a jacket. It’s slightly formal and just beyond what is strictly, functionally necessary. I begin to want a jacket very much along these lines. The seed is planted.

Posting the profile shot so I can point out this woman’s ridiculously long and awesome lashes.

Inspiring, no? Maybe it’s time to dig out those fake lashes I got to play with a while ago.

self-portrait with aid of Gucci

On January 11, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

OR the chunky knit scarf, part ii.

The Gucci store in the Prudential Center has, ludicrously, gold mirror columns jutting from the storefront. They are very distracting for a sphinx.


Faithfully I report the current bundled up look, much as described. Taken with some haste so you get those authentic touches of sloppiness that so often accompany the living. Later it snowed and I bought soap.


on the street: the pom pom

On December 14, 2013 by theseventhsphinx


Winter is that time of year when those of all ages can get away with an otherwise unacceptable preponderance of pom poms. When the temperature drops suddenly I can forgive all manner of ridiculous and excessively cute hats. I am even sometimes charmed. This slouchy take on the classic winter pom pom knit hat looks great here, I think. The oversized pom adds a youthful, playful touch to the casually stylish neutrals.


I’ve yet to find a winter hat that I genuinely like and want to wear, and prefer to the absence of a hat. Hair problems, in part, but there’s also the issue of the hats being too cute. Cute is not really my look. That is, cutesy. Once in a while I’ll toe the line and am usually self-conscious as a result because it is unnatural to me. Or I’ll adopt an element that is abstractly cute but in the context of the rest of me it isn’t cute anymore; I overwhelm the cuteness until it reads more like eccentricity, or editorial—which is often a synonym for unwearable, in fashion—flair. This is my theory.

*Though these are external perspectives, and not words I use about myself or find internally useful (‘sexy’ being another term I would not even think of without a gaze, without an other), because I cannot see myself without knowing that I am myself, rendering objective judgments largely irrelevant/impossible. The age-old problem of being oneself.

Adorability does seem like one of those things you cannot achieve on purpose, though, anyway (except quite good actors, maybe, and even this is in the eye of the beholder). Ex. any given toddler in that stage where they realize that people think they are cute when they do certain things, and promptly stop being particularly cute. Premeditation spoils the whole effect.

I’m looking at hats, though. There are a few under consideration. We’ll see. One has a pom pom and little hearts. There is a possibility I’ll have to redact most of this post.