weekend distraction: Carolina Herrera

On November 9, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Periodically there is a certain look or silhouette I have seen, perhaps only briefly, that stays with me for weeks or months, or longer. Haunting me, tugging at some as yet incoherent desire, shaping outfits to come.  To determine their appeal is a retroactive exercise.

There are two such looks at the moment (well, a great many more than two, but two dominate), and I wonder if it can be a coincidence that they are both from Carolina Herrera?


This first is from Herrera’s Fall 2013 RTW collection, and a number of the pieces feature this fantastic belt in some form or another. Black and white of course we love, but also the severe structure of the neck and shoulders, the close tailoring from neck to waist, contrasting with the fluidity of the skirt. This was, somehow, the piece that convinced me that it is worthwhile to invest in a truly excellent belt. A belt that can, solely by its own virtues, cocoon the bearer in a halo of sophistication. [Must find an opportunity to show you the one I found.]


This look is reminiscent of Herrera’s own uniform; she is invariably chic and nearly always in a white blouse and black skirt, which she changes occasionally for a black blouse and white skirt (this is a slight exaggeration, I think there is a gray skirt, and sometimes she is in all black…but the exaggeration is only slight, I promise you). I have mentioned before and will surely mention again my devotion to the white buttoned shirt, and I think I’ve covered my current preoccupation with long, full skirts, too. Here they are together! Living in harmony! In two of my favorite colors!

While quite different, the looks share clean lines, simplicity of design, an element of severity, and that maximal contrast.

Herrera is a Venezuelan designer whose brand was built on her own reputation for impeccable style. Her designs are often described as ‘classy’ in a vintage sense of the word that is increasingly rare in usage; the one giving the sense of elegance and grace without any irony or mobster w/ cigar imitation voice.  The designs are feminine in the sense of accentuating the waist and incorporating the soft lines of light, fluid fabrics, but they are often (certainly I think in these examples, it varies) stately, too. This is a reserved (and thereby fortified) elegance, which makes it all the more striking, poignant, to my eye.

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on the street: duochrome

On September 20, 2013 by theseventhsphinx


There’s nothing remarkable about the individual elements here but I really like how they are put together. Just two colors, effectively, but two excellent colors, two of my favorite colors (and a favorite combination, black and ivory) asymmetrically spread out between the outfit and the accessories (and kind of the skin and the hair, too).

I like to see a sweater with shorts, as well. And the heel coming out of the shoe to prop up the bag is the kind of moment I find instantly endearing.

weekend distraction: Charlotte Gainsbourg

On April 14, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

Let’s dress like her.

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And be photographed in black and white.




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…I prefer lines that are not straight.


Yasuyuki Takagi
Garden, Takamatsu. 2013

weekend distraction

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