pencil it in

On May 18, 2015 by theseventhsphinx

I cannot get enough of midi length skirts and dresses right now, especially in a pencil silhouette. There is a retro ambiance to this length, hemmed somewhere around the calf, that is conservative while still feeling chic.

asos midi jersey pencil skirt

I find this length revealing in all the best ways, much more universally flattering than something that reveals the knee, and drawing attention to the calves and ankles in a way I find particularly feminine. I think this holds for a full or a fitted skirt, it’s all about that length.IMG_9281

The slinky jersey accentuates the pencil silhouette here, creating that fertile tapered curve from the width of the hips to the narrow point of the knees. Clothes that reveal more or less everything but do so with plenty of fabric nearly always come across as sophisticated to me. I positioned the skirt fairly high up on the waist as well, and do I only imagine that I seem taller?

The curvier you are, the better this silhouette looks.


And white. Of course.

One can imagine this look with a black skirt but…white is definitely the bold, conspicuous way to go. Somehow white skirts are exponentially more appealing to me than white pants. Why is that? I’ll have to think more on that.

I can imagine it with a teal skirt or something along those lines as well, or a bright shoe, but I wanted to keep it duochromatic.


Remember this necklace?

I like a natural look like this, a peachy/bronzy look with no eyeliner. This is the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Formentera as bronzer/highlighter, NARS Gilda blush, a beautiful matte burnt coral, and Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Penelope Pink with a little Korres lip glaze over top to pink it up (Penelope Pink is not that pink, despite the name, it’s a really nice nude). The Beach Sticks are lovely, by the way, remind me of the Kjaer Weis cheek creams, and a bit like a NARS multiple upon initial application but with more of a cream-to-powder formula as you blend. Very easy to blend with fingers.


Try putting a touch of your blush (or bronzer) just above your crease with a loose blending brush to tie everything together. It doesn’t really matter what other colors you may or may not have going on on the lid (I have gold here, incidentally, loving my Lorac PRO palette), it works with anything.


asos white midi jersey pencil skirt

J Crew silk blouse, asos jersey midi pencil skirt, Zara suede d’orsay pumps, thrifted jewelry.

J Crew polka dot silk blouse



Nanette Lepore: just one dress

On October 1, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

I caught sight of this one dress from the Nanette Lepore Spring 2015 collection and was curious to see the rest. As it sometimes happens, I wasn’t interested in the collection as a whole at all, a colorful, bohemian, vacation-inspired array of caftans and tent dresses. Upon closer inspection, I really only like the one dress.

This always baffles me a little. How can it be! How is this (clearly the best piece, because I like it best) not the heart of the collection? [Those fools!]

[It can be difficult to live with egomania, you see.]

But, fine. It’s more a piece of luck that I liked anything at all (always a piece of luck, to really like something). So I don’t like this designer much overall, and will direct my attentions elsewhere. I still love the dress.


The close row of buttons, the Bardot neckline, the diaphanous (and therefore the weight of the fabric) sleeves and skirt, the precise length of the sleeves and skirt, the blousy fit of the torso, the size and spacing of the Breton-style stripes, that they are horizontal, the clean black and white palette… A romantic, elevated shirtdress.

I just like everything about this. More of this, please, Nanette.

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moodboard: ladylike

On August 11, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

Now that’s what I’m talking about.


Nothing mutually exclusive about these elements.

image via pinterest

just right

On July 4, 2014 by theseventhsphinx

I’ve mentally bookmarked this photo as a superb example of the loose, effortless look I want as my touchstone for summer style.

For style all around, really.


The simple lines, solid colors (more or less solid, perhaps I would like it still more if the pants were a true solid), minimal palette, clean demarcation of separates, contrast of bared skin on top and legs entirely obscured, slick, low ponytail…

Just right.

This is Swedish blogger Kenza, with whom I wasn’t familiar before coming across this photo. On the radar now, though.

So difficult to find a tank top like this, that falls just so. I seem to try so many on (on the hunt for what we see here) only to be astonished at how unflattering the cut is.*

*When clothes do not look good on you, you should definitely blame the clothes. Or try a different size, potentially, but most clothes are cut horribly. It could be that it would suit a different body, there is some slight chance of that, but usually, in my experience, they are poorly made, and would not truly look good (I mean really good, I mean really FIT. I do not mean fine/OK/alright) on anyone. I hear too many people blaming their bodies. While a body can always be healthier in some way or another, it is the job of the clothing to look good on the body, not the job of the body to look good in the clothing.

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distraction: Diana Ross, at ease

On May 23, 2014 by theseventhsphinx


This photo of Diana Ross, (eating a drumstick? In a satin gown and fur trimmed bolero? Looking fabulous, and strangely displaced-yet-not-out-of-place in this rundown background?) struck me instantly. The careless ease of of her, as if she were dressed quite differently. As if she would look equally natural—and by the same token equally compelling—given any background at all, no matter how bizarre (a library, a jungle, a turn of the century parlor, an alien planet).

To own what one wears to this degree – to dress carefully, yes, but after dressing carefully, to henceforth forget about or transcend the clothes entirely and live, we can all aspire to this.

image via pinterest