white on white on white


So…I got more than one wig. I knew I wanted an asymmetrical bob like this, and, though it looks dyed (that is, the color doesn’t look natural), it is actually not far off my hair color and is as such not too bizarre looking on me. At least, not if you don’t already know what I’m meant to look like. This was my second attempt at finding an asymmetrical bob style, the first being much darker and simply awful. [Not easy trying to select the style or the color of a wig online, and I can’t recommend it. The return policies are as unforgiving as you would imagine.]

What do you think? I really like it.

The difference is so transforming. I doubt I would even be recognized, or not right away. I love this about fashion and makeup and all the subcategories of style. You can achieve a look that nature wouldn’t allow, liberating you from yourself while (potentially) at once expanding your idea of self, multiplying the variations of self.


White, white, white. I can’t have too much white. And yes, we know how I like bikini tops (you’ll recognize this one from this bikini of the day), and white buttoned shirts.

This is my idea (rather, one of my ideas) of a great summer uniform. I have this theory that as long as my navel is obscured, it isn’t able to create that unforgiving halo around my stomach that it really does seem to.


Victoria’s Secret triangle top, Banana Republic button-up, Ray-Ban aviators, Paris Blues shorts, HairDo Angled Cut wig, vintage Timex watch.




weekend distraction: Erykah Badu

Given a choice between the demure and the bold, Erykah Badu routinely goes for the bold.

I aspire to this pattern.



Where to begin…9556350f0dd47254b1576ad7eedb080e




The attitude.fb75784e481267f0519da5124712f95b

The gold lips…the gold everything.




Love this shot.

[images via pinterest]

Here is a woman who is not afraid of making a statement, and with such elegance and sass. She is, as her new single with Janelle Monae proclaims her, a Q.U.E.E.N.

I imagine that she, like myself, as Frost has it, holds with those who favor fire.

She has me thinking that I should absolutely experiment with turbans and wondering…how big can my hair get now? Big hair and short shorts….such a great summer look. Also, can’t wait to show you the wig I just got.